1. A wagonstation in the wash at A-Z West. BLM land behind, and the sky above. We are sleeping in these little pods.
    2. Last night we jammed for the first time since being here,  and it felt so good to play music together again. Heather hoped our beats would scare off the black widows that frequent the studio.
    3. Hot Cheezits
    4. Every morning from 10-11 we do work on the land. We call it Hour of Power. The other day we leveled some desert to prepare it for a wagonstation, and today we placed rocks around plants and smoothed out some small crevasses in the sand that a recent flood created.
    5. Lisa and Allan found a barrel cactus high up on some boulders on a hike into the wash. They recorded the sounds of the spines and their tones varied with their thickness and length.
    6. Our outdoor kitchen, lit by propane lanterns and fully equipped with everything we need to cook and enjoy our meals.
    7. Late night studio sesh
    8. Lisa found some inspiration in the desert and took some field notes.

    [photos by Allan Wilson]

    Other happenings: a photographer from Palm Springs Life magazine visited us yesterday and requested that we build a fire and hang around it. The blaze nearly melted Allan’s speaker. Heather is almost finished with her first piece, and she is calling it Cloud Suit. We’re looking forward to a trek into Wonder Valley today, and to the national park tomorrow to do some site selection and field studying.

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