1. Day 1 & 2 photo collage:

    1. Heather and James Kidd go through her fabric stash at Pieter and find some amazing things for the desert
    2. Purple cactus at Garth’s inspires Heather’s color palette
    3. Dan and dog chilling out on Garth’s couch on his incredible mountain compound
    4. A shot of Andrea, Leah and Matt through the living room of a soon-to-be home built into a boulder
    5. The gem and mineral show!

    [photos by lisa schonberg]

    Today was pretty amazing. We visited a gem and mineral show, experienced the magic of Garth’s sprawling acres of sanctuaries and chickens, saw Leah Cetera’s human sundial out at Gamma Gulch, and walked through a maze of cacti and Joshua Trees. Lisa and Heather moved drums and sewing gear into the studio space this evening, which we share with Andrea and a black widow spider named Lyle. A bonfire with friendly sun soaked residents awaits us. Allan arrives tomorrow. If someone mailed us Stumptown beans we wouldn’t complain…

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