1. The People

    Lisa Schonberg

    Lisa is a drummer who works with insects, teaches drums, writes, helps run Tom Tom Magazine, and is fascinated by soundscapes.  She manages & composes music for the percussion ensemble Secret Drum Band. She also plays in STLS & Yenta.

    Heather Treadway

    Heather Treadway is a fashion designer, musician & dancer. She drums, designs and sews costumes for Secret Drum Band, plays in the band Yenta, and runs her eponymous fashion label.

    Allan Wilson

    Allan is a multi-instrumentalist and DJ. He regularly records and tours the world with his band Chk!Chk!Chk!.

    Tara Jane Oneil

    Tara Jane Oneil is an artist and musician. Her most recent work includes releases on K Records, the composition Sev Entrain, collaborative performances with James Kidd & Nick, and soundtracks for Vanessa Renwick’s films. She is currently working on a new album.

    Julie Perini

    Julie Perini creates videos, films, installations, events, and interdisciplinary projects.  Her interests include other people, everyday life, humor, identity, leftist social movements, collaboration, and all sorts of art that deals with time and documentation.  She participates in several collaborative initiatives to promote independent media, community cultural production, and progressive social change. Perini is an Assistant Professor of Art at Portland State University.

    Jodi Darby

    Jodi Darby is a Portland, Oregon based media artist specializing in narrative and documentary video production, audio production and photography. Her work is informed by a solid background in analog film, 35mm photography and paste-up. Floating at times between experimental and documentary, her films and video reflect an interest in the repurposing of history, mapping the changing American landscape and finding beauty in that which has been discarded and abandoned.

    Also performing will be dancers James Kidd and Nick (MGM/Pieter Gallery). NICK + JAMES will interact with the drummers and the landscape, and will present a performance with frequent collaborator TJO.